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Chart-topping, multiplatinum hip-hop legend, Tech N9ne, talks Death, Life, Delirium, and BLISS

“Think about the vibe around us with all the fighting around us, and still finding happiness in your own heaven, that you create. All this fighting, from the Democrats and Republicans, the Crips and the Bloods, Ukraine and Russia, the racial battles, to find happiness in a place like that, you would have to be a bit crazy. I am happy AF. “-Tech N9ne

Ascending to another stratosphere, chart-topping multiplatinum hip-hop legend and the most successful independent rapper of all-time Tech N9ne has delivered his anxiously awaited new full-length album, BLISS, out now via his Strange Music label. He sat down with Press Pirate, Lulu Deadly, to discuss death, life, delirium, and BLISS.

“I’ve never labeled my music as horrorcore, even though I would have the dark themes like demons; because I always talked about my real life. Usually horror is fictional, mine is not.”
Tech N9ne

As always, Tech’s world remains the most dynamic and diverse in the culture. You won’t hear another album this year with its tentacles so far outstretched in not only every echelon of rap, but also R&B, alternative, soul, and heavy metal. As always, an A-list cohort of friends and likeminded outliers showed up to play, including Conway the Machine, X-Raided, Joyner Lucas, Durand Bernarr, Qveen Herby, King Iso, Joey Cool, Kim Dracula, and HU$H, among others.

In his interview with Lulu Deadly, Tech N9ne discussed the collabs he would like to see next, a radically unique spectrum of artists, including Ghostemane, and Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse.

“It’s a new me. I’m evolved with a new brain, a new soul, and a new heart. I want to start conversations, so we can find a middle ground even if we are different. We can agree to disagree. I want conversation, and these are my observations. I’m opening up and talking about things I’ve obsessed over. To me, this album is a mirror of society.”
Tech N9ne

The song “W H A T (We’re Hungry And Thirsty)” [feat. Kim Dracula & HU$H] has already generated over 780K Spotify streams and counting in addition to earning widespread acclaim from KERRANG! and more. Revolver hailed it as a “scream-spiked, metallic new single,” and Metal Injection professed, “Tech N9ne is here to show y’all how it’s actually done.” Hear the song here:

“I’m talking some shit I’ve never talked before. These songs mean a lot to me. I’m not trying to do what’s hot now; I want forever music. This one could be controversial, because I’m talking about people who wrote the Bible and how we’re waking up and being controlled. Kim Dracula was a perfect specimen for this because they are fucking lyrically crazy. HU$H killed it.
Tech N9ne

One of the most insane, influential, and impactful legacies in hip-hop belongs to TechN9ne. He has consistently accomplished the impossible from outside of the system. He’s bucked every trend, overturned all expectations, and not only built a culture, but a whole world with Strange Music. The craziest thing is how far he’s come since he co-founded Strange Music back in 2000. The Kansas City, MO rapper has gone from packed Midwest underground shows to the annual Forbes “Cash Kings” list multiple times, the cover of XXL, the playlists of Sir Elton John and Dwayne Johnson, and national commercials for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Beyond tallying billions of streams and views, he has scored four platinum singles, three gold singles, and a gold album. He has notched twenty-three entries on the Billboard Top albums Chart and remains the record holder for “most Top 10 albums on the rap chart.” Not to mention, he cracked the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200 four times.

For as unconventional as Tech’s story may be, he actually embodies what hip-hop was meant to be all along.

“I love words, because they can heal. When you say certain things, the crowd gets louder. That’s a Master of Ceremonies. Our words move people and save them. So, I’m going to keep rapping for a while longer.”
Tech N9ne

Tech will be performing at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival on September 7 and has joined forces with platinum-certified 21st century rock luminaries Hollywood Undead to co-headline the “Hollywood & N9ne Tour” across North America this fall. It stands out as the first full jaunt by these two genre-busting outlier forces, yet it continues a collaboration that began with the fan favorite “IDOL” in 2020. Buzzing rap phenomenon King Iso serves as the special guest with other surprise acts to be revealed soon. “Hollywood & N9ne ” launches October 16 and visits major markets coast-to-coast. Tickets are on sale now. For tickets and more information, visit

“I enjoy dazzling my fans with new flows, and new topics, and just dazzling fans lyrically. Showing off.”
Tech N9ne



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